Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are one of the most effective, non-invasive treatments available to gently resurface and improve the overall health of your skin.  Chemical peels can be done on their own or combined with other skin care treatments to maximize the effects and benefits.  Chemical peels can address a number of skin issues such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores and surface irregularities.  

We offer a variety of medical grade peels that can be customized for any skin type and condition.  Our peels range from herbal peels, which are safe for all skin types and gentle enough for expectant mothers, to more intensive peels that combat skin issues with a little more vigour.

Facial peels are quick, affordable and don’t require any down time.  As chemical peels increase cellular turnover, regular treatments leave you with brighter, smoother, younger looking skin! If you’re looking to improve the overall look and health of your skin, a chemical peel may be the right treatment for you!