Ascenta Skin

acentaIt works because it starts inside. Topical skincare products stop at the skin’s surface, never reaching the skin’s three vital layers. Ascenta Skin nourishes from within to target each of your skin’s major aging signs, improving firmness, elasticity, tone and hydration while reducing redness, roughness and fine lines.


Defend your skin from the number one cause of accelerated skin aging with natural ingredients. Results of our clinical study suggest that Ascenta Skin helps to protect the skin from UV damage.


Rethink your skincare routine. Skin acts as a protective barrier against everything we come in contact with. As a result, topical creams and lotions fail to penetrate the collagen fibers in the dermal layer of our skin. Ascenta Skin nourishes from the inside providing noticeable, lasting effects.

○ Provides nutrients that help lock in moisture for healthy, hydrated skin.
○ Powerful anti-inflammatories work at the cellular level to reduce redness and roughness and inflammation.
○ EPA + DHA helps to protect the skin from UV damage.
○ Boosts elasticity and increases firmness deep within the dermal layer, helping to decrease and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and skin dullness.