Skin Resurfacing

I had exhausted all avenues trying to find a solution to my wrinkled skin on my lower face. There is nothing that really works for this problem. I had talked to Dr. Alibhai on more than one occasion about fractional ablative resurfacing. I actually made one appointment and cancelled, but knew if I was going to trust anyone doing it, it would be him. I finally had the procedure done on February 10, 2010. Dr. Alibhai had to be quite aggressive in the treatment as my wrinkles were deep and pretty extensive. I have to say it hurt more than I thought it would - I was quite happy when it was over. After the procedure, I had a burning sensation but as soon as Jamie put the cold cloths on I can truly say that that was the end of the pain. I may have felt slight burning at home from time to time but I didn't need to take any pain medications. Immediately after the procedure, my face was deep red and swollen. Home I went with a kit and instructions on how to take care of my face. The next day Dr. Alibhai called my house to see how I was doing, and I was given his cell number to call if I had any questions. Two or three days later, I began to wonder if I would ever heal normally. A week after the procedure, I had healed completely although I looked like I had a sun burn. I am so over the moon with the results - I don't think I can honestly put it into words! My self-confidence has been restored and I feel even younger than my age! I didn't do this to look younger - I just felt that my wrinkles were way beyond what they should have been for my age, and they made me very self-conscious. I was given no false hope as far as the results. I was told I would definitely see an improvement, but the results were better than I expected! I would highly recommend this treatment for great results, and more than that, I would highly recommend Dr. Alibhai to do the procedure. He and his staff are very professional and I felt very comfortable trusting him with my face.