Botox for Sweating

How Botox Treats Hyperhidrosis

Sweat glands that are located in the underarms, palms, soles or other body sites require a nerve impulse for activation. Without this nerve stimulation, the sweat glands are not able to secrete sweat. Botox stops the nerve impulse from reaching the sweat gland, effectively stopping sweat production. The results are apparent in 2 - 4 days and usually last 6 - 12 months. When the sweating returns, re-treatment is necessary. The procedure involves injecting small quantities of Botox into the affected areas. The area is anesthetized with a topical anesthetic 30 minutes before the procedure so that the injections are virtually painless. Botox has been used for various applications for over 25 years and is completely safe and effective.

Health Insurance Coverage of Botox for Sweating

Most extended health plans will cover the cost of Botox Therapeutic for the treatment of excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis. After the initial consultation, Dr. Alibhai will provide you with a letter for your insurance company.

A patient treated by Dr. Alibhai stated that his underarms went from "the Amazon Rain Forest to the Sahara Desert!"

Rid yourself of the burden and embarrassment of excess sweating using a proven, safe and effective technique.