Venus Viva

Stylage - Anti AgingA New leader in Facial Resurfacing

Venus Viva uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) and SmartScan technology to improve the skin's tone and texture and reduce the signs of aging. The Radio Frequency pulses delivered with the Venus Viva device are a recognized treatment to stimulate collagen production. There is no downtime! You can go back to your day and even wear makeup the very next day. The Venus Viva treatment is comfortable and good for all skin types.


The Benefits of Venus Viva:

  1. Decrease visible pores
  2. Evens skin texture
  3. Reduce signs of aging
  4. Reduce acne scars
  5. Diminish deep lines (deep wrinkles)
  6. Correct neck lines (neck wrinkles)
  7. Tighten lax skin (loose skin)
  8. Reduces appearance of stretch marks
  9. Pigmentation correction
  10. Corrects rosacea